Tips For Choosing A Preschool

Letting your child go off to preschool is a big moment for them and yourself. This will be the first time they are stepping out of home to stay for a longer time in a strange place with people that they don’t know. You need to put your feet in your child’s shoes so that you can see the centre as they see it. You need to follow your gut instincts and choose a preschool that has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

You should ask for the hours of the early learning centre from Wynyard. There should be a certain flexibility as well. You can ask what happens if you get late to pick up your child. You probably will have to notify them beforehand if you’re getting late. You can ask how your child will spend that time in the centre waiting for you to arrive. There could be family vacations and trips so you need to ask them about how you can schedule them. There will be a set curriculum in the centre and they may not be very open for you takings the child off at different times. You also need to look at the payment side. What kind of fees are there and how the payments are to be made. Maybe they could be paid monthly or in some other way.

You can also ask if the centre offers any additions services other than child care. And if this is the case, you can ask whether these services have an additional charge. The qualifications of the staff in the centre are also important. They are the people who you’re keeping your child with so you need the assurances of whether they are able to handle the situation. The children will be taught basic things in the preschool and the way they are taught can change how well they grasp certain principles. You can ask what kind of teaching techniques are used and how much experience the staff has in working with children. Another important thing to ask is if the caregivers have the necessary training in basic first aid and CPR.

Ask what their discipline policy is and how often you will be given feedback on the development of your child. The care provider should be approachable and you should feel as if you discuss with them about your children freely. Ask for references and check up on them. You should also check their policies on health standards, nutrition, playing, illnesses and media. It is good to have outdoor playing areas in addition to indoor play areas. You also have to check how secure the outdoor play areas are. In relation to media, ask whether the centre uses television and if so, how frequently it is used.